Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the fastest growing sector of online and digital promotion. We offer mobility consulting and custom programming for items such as QR codes, text to win strategies, and other approaches. Additionally, we provide mobile campaign monitoring.

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Mobile Design- The Plan You Need to Stay Competitive

The face of marketing is changing as mobility becomes the dominant force in communication. The importance of mobile devices will only grow as more people rely on them for access to websites. When someone uses a mobile device, they inherently expect to get to information much more quickly than on a desktop computer. That’s one of the key factors which has fueled the development of mobile sites. Our mobile web design work is customized to fit the platforms that consumers are using, as well as optimized for better navigation and accessibility of the most important and relevant information.

Search engine optimization also plays a considerable role in getting your mobile site to appear on mobile search engine result pages. The same way clients just like you have placed your trust in us because we’ve mastered SEO for desktop computing, you can now harness our expertise to your benefit for mobile devices with the same level of professional service and quality you’ve come to expect from us.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Our smartphone package starts at $750, and we customize for tablets for just $200 more.


  • No monthly fees
  • Static (no CMS) or WordPress-powered sites are supported
  • Cross-device compatibility
  • We focus on the iPhone and iPad but the work is good for other platforms such as Android phones
  • Up to 20 pages ($25 for each additional standard page*)
  • Logo integration
  • Custom menu
  • High quality SEO-friendly development
  • Organized and intuitive design
  • Mobile-specific “call-to-action” button

Certain Restrictions Apply:

  • Our focus is on the iPhone and iPad (other devices are supported nonetheless)
  • E-commerce sites are not eligible for this offer (please contact us to discuss an e-commerce mobile plan)
  • Please note that a mobile version of your website does not necessarily need every single page of the desktop version.

*standard pages are defined as web pages with simple text and one image

Don’t be left behind as the move toward mobile browsing takes place!

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