SEO Web Design Services

What good is a website that no one can find? The majority of website designs are not search engine friendly and as such, they get short-changed in the search engines. Low search engine rankings result in few visitors to the website which leads to even fewer sales.

If your company’s website does not work as hard as you and your team to generate sales, then you should question why you have one to begin with. We work with companies to help them get the most out of their websites while stopping the under-performing, inefficient status quo.

Search Engine Friendly Website Design

An important part search engine optimization involves the process of developing a website that is search engine friendly. Search engine friendly web design entails building website elements (graphics, layout, coding, linking between pages, structure, written material, photography) in a manner that search engines want to see. This leads to increased rankings for given keywords when combined with a strategic linking campaign. During the late 1990s, SEO web design was a very simple system (usually just tweaking meta-tags and submission to search engines). However, today it is a very labor-intensive process that includes hundreds of subtleties. We provide professional search engine friendly web design services accounting for these factors.

Why is SEO so Important in Website Development?

Studies show that all things considered, most people who visit a website for the first time originally find it through a search engine. The vast majority of websites are barely optimized for today’s competitive online market. If you are looking to increase sales, search engine optimization is not an option but rather a necessity.

We have a great search engine optimization record. Our sites can easily be found at the top of Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. These are the most important search engines because they represent approximately 90% of Internet users worldwide.

As web designers, we can build your website from scratch in a fully optimized format, or we can modify your existing site to meet the current standards of optimization.

Search Engine Optimization Web Design Services

Our professional search engine optimization packages include: Appropriate and attractive design elements, specialized keyword choices, strategic linking, structure optimization, meta-tag optimization & alt tag optimization, and content optimization through professional web content copy editing, copywriting.

Web Design & Marketing

Great web design and Internet marketing go hand in hand. We design websites that are easy to use which is an important factor given today’s short attention spans. Moreover, we develop websites with a unique and appropriate call to action which gets website visitors to contact you. Your website will get you the lead, it’s up to you to close the sale.

Search Engine Optimized Web Design

We urge you to contact us for more information on our search engine friendly website design packages, as well as related website development and marketing services. Whether you are in Montreal, Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or any other city, we can help you!