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Smaller Companies

We offer professional web design, SEO, Internet marketing, WordPress support, website maintenance, and security.

Get the same high-performance services as the big players but customized to your small business needs. We do it every day with businesses in these areas:









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Enterprise Level Corporations

We provide up-to-date training, consulting,
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SEO Audits

Professional work by proven and effective search engine optimization experts

Custom Websites

Get an advanced custom website designed, programmed, and optimized for Google

SEO Consulting

Learn why your website is poorly positioned and what you can do to improve its rankings

WordPress Support

The best WordPress support, maintenance, security and repair services

SEO Speed Optimization

Impress visitors and boost Google rankings with a lighting fast website

Website Maintenance

Update your website with our easy and friendly help

An Award-winning Team

We're recognized as an industry leader by many distinguished brands.

Top 10 Best SEO Company
Top 10 Best SEO Company
Five Stars
Top 10 Best SEO Company
Five Stars

Training for a New Generation

Choose from an extensive list of workshops and seminars.

We offer certified training to freelancers, web professionals, business owners, in-house teams and anyone who wants to learn current techniques. Get the best out of the Internet with our workshops, seminars, and conference talks. Extremely few companies offer to train other professionals. We love to!

Thought Leadership Begins Here

We're not just any company. We're professionals with experience and integrity.

One of the most detailed books ever written on
how to excel at content marketing.
Written by Uniseo’s CEO!

Our CEO has been interviewed for local and
national news stories many times.


WordPress Specialists

We're among the best WordPress shops and we can prove it!

  • We started using WordPress in 2005
  • We’ve spoken about SEO, social media, content marketing, web design, and related topics at more than 20 WordCamps (WordPress conferences) across Canada and the US
  • We’ve appeared on over a dozen WordPress panels at various industry events
  • We’re one of the only companies to offer upper level WordPress workshops
  • We build custom WordPress themes and plugins
  • You won’t find better WordPress website security plans
  • Our WordPress support and maintenance plans are second to none
  • We’re behind the #wplife movement, promoting the power of community
  • We help edit The WP Crowd WordPress magazine
  • ...and so much more!
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Does Your Internet Marketing Work As Hard As You Do?

It should! Websites are 24-hour brochures which represent your products and services. It is now a fact that a company website can make or break your business. The 90s are over and simply building a website does not mean anyone will visit it. If nobody can find your website, it’s like having your brochures in the closet. To get Internet surfers to visit your website, you need to optimize it.

  • Increase Your Client Base: Acquire new customers with our intelligent internet marketing strategies.
  • Create A New Revenue Stream: Increase annual revenue through better visibility, positioning, and brand awareness. All of our small, medium, and large clients benefit from our services.
  • Service Existing Customers: Let them make purchases and get answers from your site.
  • Maximize Your Return On Investment (ROI): In many cases, our clients make back multiples of what they put into their websites in a reasonable amount of time and they still have this powerful marketing tool that we have created for them.
  • Optimize Your Website’s Potential: Our strategies help your website rank higher in the top search engines. Get optimal performance out of your most important marketing tool.

The Best SEO Services for Your Success

If you want to actively reach your potential customers, we can help! With powerful search engine optimization services, we can help you achieve your objectives.

Whether you’re a small local business needing local SEO services, or an international multinational enterprise, our services can address your needs.

Why Choose Us?

Having a visually appealing website isn’t enough. It must be optimized for search engines to be discovered. Our expert solutions, rooted in ethical organic SEO, ensure that your website is found by the right audience. While we’re based in Montreal, Canada, our clientele spans globally. As such we offer Montreal SEO services but also have many clients and service businesses in cities like Boston, New York, Toronto, St. Louis, Ottawa, Miami, and across Canada, the US, The Bahamas, the Caribbean, and regions around the world. We also provide some of the best WordPress maintenance and support plans to ensure that your website needs are taken care of. Our agency is ready for you!

Our Commitment

Our team, known for its unparalleled SEO consulting and WordPress services, strives to offer you maximum value. This site serves as a resource for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence. We’re here to guide, inform, and support. Reach out for a free consultation and explore the benefits of optimized online marketing with us.