Social Media Marketing

Grow Your Company By Talking To Consumers Where They Are

Social Media Community

Social media is like hanging out with your friends in real life. It’s your community of friends, family, and colleagues, but online. Take your business hat off for a minute and think about it. You’re on Facebook because you want share ideas, catch up with friends, see photos, plan events, play, and pass the time.

Social Media Sales

So, when some sketchy, creepy, shady guy comes along and tries to sell you something, you get completely turned off. You don’t want to be sold to. No one does! In social media, nobody wants to be interrupted, especially for repeated pushing of sales. Your audience needs to be in the mindset of the products and services that you’re promoting and that’s not easy to find. We can help you with that.

It’s not about being everywhere. It’s about being in right place for your strategy.Brian Rotsztein, CEO of Uniseo

Grow Your Audience

Growing Your Audience Is A 2-step Process:

First Create The Content Then Promote It On Social Media Channels

Content Creation

Most companies have trouble coming up with something useful to say in social media. That’s because they haven’t created a plan or produced relevant content to share. Great ideas take time to develop. Make sure yours are well thought-out or don’t bother.

Content Promotion

Stop wasting your time posting nonsense on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Promote the content you’ve created but be sure to answer this question: Does anyone care? If they do, you’re all set. If not, call us.

Need Content Ideas?

We Wrote A 400-Page Book About Them

The #1 social media marketing problem is that few people know what to actually publish. Our CEO solved that problem by publishing the first book ever written that was dedicated to giving you social media content ideas, combined with SEO.

I Want Help NowTell Me More About Better Content

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Get Your Message In Front Of The Right Person At The Right Time And Place
Content Marketing

We wrote the book on content marketing, literally.

Influencer Marketing

Get people with a huge fan following to promote your brand.

Email Marketing

Use the power of sending mass emails on a regular basis to boost sales.

Social Media for Business

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another platform, we can help you.

If You Do This, You May Have Already Failed

  • Posting photos to Instagram is not a strategy
  • Publishing updates your Facebook business page is not a strategy
  • Broadcasting a video on Snapchat is not a strategy
  • Continually announcing your “big sale” on Twitter is not a strategy
  • Giving your infographic to an influencer is not a strategy

Sure, we can do all of these for you! But the problem is, these are tactics, not strategic moves. We strongly suggest you use social media marketing tactics backed by an actual plan. What are your objectives as a business? What are your specific goals for your next campaign? We consult with clients and make realistic plans based on their needs.

Amplify Your Message On Social Media

Your Customers Are On Social Media. Shouldn’t you be?

If you can’t reach out to customers and potential leads, you may have a content distribution problem. This may sound complicating but it’s not. You just need to be guided down the right path. To get the best social media marketing results, you need to maximize your usage of other Internet marketing services such as content marketing, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, Facebook ads, and email marketing. And you have to do so in creative ways.

Developing fresh ideas is time consuming and difficult but the payoff can be very rewarding. If you really want to grow your business, you need at least some constellation of these Internet marketing options.

The Truth About Social Media Marketing

Most of the time, getting a return on your investment will be indirect. There are many reasons to use social media in your business. Embrace the change, don’t fear it.

  • Get more leads
  • Offer better customer service through social channels
  • Obtain user feedback for product development
  • Gauge consumer sentiment about your company
  • Monitor your reputation because you may not be on social media but your customers are