Case Studies

With over 100,000 webpages optimized, we’re engaged in ongoing efforts to demonstrate why we should be your top choice for a full web designSEO, and Internet marketing package.

Selection of Businesses

As one of the first search engine optimization companies in existence, we have have worked with an extensive array of companies around the world. We have also witnessed the growth in ideology behind search engine optimization. Old school thinking was about getting people to your website. New school thinking focuses on get your target market to convert into sales. Aside from our client testimonials and examples of client rankings, we present several case studies for your review.

Case Study #1 – Redstone Photography

Client: Redstone Photography
Target Market: Primarily Local Business. Secondarily, National and International
Industry: Photography & Multimedia
Work Performed: Web Design, SEO, Consulting

The photography market has become extremely competitive due to the lower cost and barriers to entry into the field. Photography schools are becoming a thing of the past and the future doesn’t hold much hope for professional photography earnings.

The Website
The website was launched in 2004. It was optimized for important terms such as “Montreal Photographers” and related relevant terms. Within 6 months, the site was in the #1 position. At the time there, there were approximately a half dozen photography businesses vying for the top 10 spots. By 2008 there were about 30 websites in the top 4 pages of Google search results pages, all of which clearly employed some form of optimization (and in many cases attempted to emulate what was done to our client’s website). To this day, the client still consistently appears at the top search results for all target market terms.

A Strong Combination
The very strong combination of having an easy to use website, attractive design, top position, a personal touch content-wise, and of course a high quality professional product continues to lead to many prestigious commercial photography opportunities.

Client Sources
The sources of clients have been from Montreal-based companies who need in-house photos or photos for commercial use, as well as actors, models, executives, and other locals who require headshots. The true surprise of the optimization was that companies and organizations outside of Montreal have been quick to hire the client upon discovering the site and seeing that the photographer adds value to their projects.

Market Share
In order to further capitalize on the fierce competition within the photography market in the search engines, a second website with a completely different look and feel was launched in 2007, and a third completely novel one was released in 2009. Theses websites were also optimized and now share a top 10 spot with the original. As such, potential clients have multiple significant ways to find the client, get the feeling of credibility from any of the websites and contact him.

Return On Investment
The websites have long since paid for themselves, yielding a tremendous return on investment. Besides the websites, no other forms of marketing or promotion were used at all. While the majority of professional photographers are struggling to make a living, gross revenue was has been steady and significant in the high 5-figure range entirely due to the success of the websites. If additional promotions were used, it would surpass the 6-figure mark.

Case Study #2 – Westmount Draperies

Client: Westmount Draperies
Target Market: Local, National and International Business
Industry: Bedding & Windows, Hotel Supplier
Work Performed: Web Design, SEO, Consulting

Westmount Draperies Inc. is a Montreal-based manufacturer of draperies and bedspreads. The company only provides products on a commercial basis meaning that it only works with large scale institutions such as hotels. If you’ve slept in a Canadian hotel, you very likely used the products of their factory. The company is also one of the longest running businesses in Canada, with 50 years of history.

The Website
The company’s website was re-designed several times between 2000 and 2004. It was used as a marketing tool, to help clients get in touch with them, and also to display patterns of interest to commercial organizations. The site received minimal traffic and almost no inquiries during the first few years of existence.

The Solution
Redesign the site to make it attractive, modern-looking, search engine friendly, and optimized for target market keyword terms such as “commercial draperies.”

The Result
Uniseo has always stated that the more expensive the product or service, the larger the return. That statement holds true for this client. Within months of re-launching the fully optimized, attractive website, the company immediately saw an increase in leads and sales.

While the company mainly services Canada, it has clients across the US and gets inquiries from all of North America on a regular basis. The company went from receiving virtually no new leads to several target market leads per week.

New Revenue Channel
With clients dating back decades, this company initially did not believe that investing in the Internet was worthwhile. We convinced them that the Internet could become a new revenue channel for the company.

Return on Investment
The beauty of a working with a company such as this is the value of the goods it has to offer. Typical sales easily lie between 5 and 6 figures and just one sale per year pays for the work time and again. The site has indeed supplemented the company’s sales force, generating another financial resource.

Case Study #3 – The Negotiation Institute

Client: The Negotiation Institute
Target Market: National & International Corporations, Fortune 500 & Brand Name Companies
Industry: Sales Negotiations
Work Performed: Web Design, SEO, Consulting

The Negotiation Institute is the longest running negotiation skills seminars and training organization in the world.

The Website
Even though the company’s domain name was its top keyword: “Negotiation” (, it still did not rank very well when we were approached. Further, the organization offers dozens of seminars that were lost in a disorganized website layout.

The Solution
An extensive keyword analysis was performed, the entire website was restructured and redesigned.

The changes took effect as planned and traffic for targeted keyword terms increased dramatically. For example, “negotiation training” which is one of the most important terms brought in 233% more visitors within the first year. Once the organization’s organic success was evaluated, we were asked to maximize the potential of their pay per click campaigns.

Return on Investment
The negotiation specialists at the Institute work with Fortune 500 companies around the world. The minimum fee for negotiation training ranges from four to five figures. The Institute continues to benefit from our work and more changes to the site are in development.

Case Study #4 – National Jewelers Supplies

Client: National Jewelers Supplies
Target Market: Local, National. Retail Stores.
Industry: Jewelry
Work Performed: SEO, Consulting, SEO Analysis Report / Audit

National Jewelers Supplies is the largest single source of jeweler’s supplies available in the U.S. The company wanted to expand by increasing their Internet-based sales. We were hired to help them achieve their goals through SEO.

The Website
Early on, the company’s website consisted of non-search engine friendly e-commerce software. It was very difficult to achieve significant rankings without a strong strategy.

The Solution
The software was upgraded to a more SEO-friendly format, two entire new sections were developed and basic guidelines for expansion were created.

The Result
A large part of the project took place in 2005, with a 2008-2009 major update. The site continues to dominate the market for all of the keyword search terms that were targeted such as “jeweler supplies.”

Return on Investment
The company has increased sales dramatically and the effects of our work have lead to a consistent, steady flow of leads and sales.

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