SEO Copywriting & Copy Editing

One of the most unique services that we provide involves writing and editing web content. Studies show a website visitor is more likely to make a purchase if the site's text is clearly presented and includes appropriate, useful information. The real issues are whether there is sufficient written content and its level of editing and proof-reading.

Text Content Writing for Websites

We are a leading web content writing company, having won awards and praise for our copywriting and editing abilities. Our writers and editors have written literally thousands of pages of content for websites, magazines, print media, newsletters, higher education theses, and so on.

We write powerful content for these industries:

  • Beauty (Cosmetic Surgery, Spas, etc)
  • Business
  • Computers and Internet
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Health & Medical
  • Home & Garden
  • Insurance
  • Music
  • Real Estate
  • Science & Technology
  • Shopping
  • Sports & Games
  • Travel (Hotels, Cars, Jets, etc)
  • Worldwide / International Topics

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Creative Web Content Writing

Give us a topic and we'll write something about it! Reality has it that generating ideas and putting them into words is very difficult for many people. A frequent issue that we come across involves individuals who have an idea of what the message they want to convey but do not know how to say it. Generating written content is a long, labour-intensive process. Struggling to produce content can lead to frustration, especially when experiencing writer's block. Let us take the hassles out of your content writing and editing.

Web Content Text Editing

It is a fact that websites with spelling errors and poorly developed text are perceived as having less credibility. We can help you overcome these text-related issues. We have post-graduate level professionals who will check your work for typos, poor grammar, and structural problems.

Web Content Editing and Search Engine Optimization

A popular phrase that Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) professionals use in reference to websites is “content is king!” The truth is that when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, that statement is correct! When individuals visit a website, they are looking for useful content of varying types. This can be in the form of written information, text-based content, or photos. We can also edit your graphic images and photos through digital imaging but that is not the focus here.

Quality and Style of Text

Two of the most important aspects of search engine optimization are:

  1. The quality of your text
  2. The style of your text

The quality of the text includes the information presented, and keyword density. While the content itself is important, its style is key. If search engines perceive your content as well-written but can't see the most important features, they are likely to overlook your page. In other words, good style means having appropriate placement of the text and relevant HTML tags associated with them.

The Reality of Web Content Editing for Search Engine Optimization and Sales

The reality of web content editing is that it can become complex. If you truly want an expert to ensure that your content is of high value to search engines and to website visitors (quality and style), we encourage you to contact us. We would be glad to help your business improve its text, optimization and ultimately increase web-related sales.