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WordPress Training (Intermediate)

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Course Description

This course is designed for those comfortable with the basics of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and would like to become more proficient with the platform. Amongst other points, participants will be exposed to plugins which expand administrative features of the WordPress CMS as well as introduced to programming tips to enhance theme performance and accessibility.

Who Should Attend

This course will be of benefit to those who are already familiar with the WordPress CMS and have some minor programming experience or inclinations.

Note: This course is not suited for e-commerce ventures, experienced programmers, or social media platform creation. It also does not apply to websites built on

Note: Valid for WordPress 4.0 and up.

Some brands we’ve taught:

Thank you for the great WordPress classes (Beginner and Intermediate). I thought I knew a lot more before coming but this really showed me what I can do.Jeremy T., Freelancer (Montreal)


This course provides attendees with a lot of useful information. This course will help you:

  • Install and use some of the major WordPress Plugins (i.e. BuddyPress, bbPress, Admin Management Xtended)
  • Modify WordPress themes to include additional information
  • Allow the delivery of a mobile-friendly website



Part 1a: Preparing Your Website by Deciding on Plugins

  • Checking plugin compatability
  • Verifying existing plugin support
  • Reviewing plugin limitations

Part 1b: Website Backup

  • Backing up server files and website database
  • Confirming a successful backup

Part 2: Theme Modification & Understanding Theme Structure

  • PHP format overview
  • Understanding WordPress theme files
  • Understanding WordPress functions

Part 3: WordPress Programming Tips

  • Beautification programming examples
  • Usability programming examples
  • Accessibility programming examples

Part 4: Intermediate WordPress Tips

  • Understanding the newest WordPress features
  • Custom post types
  • Custom menus

Part 5: Q&A

  • Questions and Answers

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