WordPress Support Experts: One-time Help & Wordpress Maintenance Plans

Proper maintenance is crucial for the seamless functioning of WordPress websites. We offer a specialized service designed to update plugins, make website updates, record website backups, and other key aspects of protecting your investment. We implement anti-hacking prevention methods and address complications that may arise. Websites not maintained regularly can experience a myriad of issues, from broken features to security vulnerabilities. Our team of experts is adept at identifying and rectifying these challenges, ensuring your site remains up-to-date, secure, and user-friendly. Don't let neglect compromise your website's performance. Let us handle the details for you.

Don't let neglect compromise your website's performance.

Website Care Plans: Your Website's Safety Net

Imagine running a physical store and leaving its doors unlocked overnight. Sounds risky, doesn't it? In the online world, not having a website care plan is akin to that. Websites, much like any other asset, need regular upkeep and protection. Our "Website Care Plans" offer just that – a safety net for your online presence. Failing to adopt one exposes your website to vulnerabilities, out-of-date content, and sluggish performance, which can drive visitors away and harm your business's reputation. Don't leave your website's health to chance. Invest in one of our care plans and ensure it remains in its prime, guarded against potential pitfalls.

On-demand Support When You Need It

Our on-demand support options make it easy for you to just get help in a pay-as-you-go fashion, even if you are not on a support plan. Your peace of mind is our top priority. That's why, for any concerns or issues, you can conveniently submit a support ticket, ensuring a systematic tracking of your requests. Prefer a more direct approach? Just give us a call. Our dedicated team is prepared to assist you and address any questions you might have. With us, you're never tackling these WordPress issues alone.

The Silent WordPress & Website Threats: Viruses, Hackers, and Reputation Damage

In the vast digital landscape, not all threats are visible to the naked eye. Viruses, often stealthily operating in the background, have the potential to wreak havoc on your website. They can corrupt files, erase critical data, or even render your entire site inaccessible. Worse still, some viruses can implant derogatory messages or inappropriate content, alienating and offending your valuable visitors who see them when they come to your site. But the menace doesn't end there. Hackers, motivated by malice or mischief, can tarnish your business's hard-earned image in a matter of minutes. These Internet marauders can redirect your website, steal customer information, or disseminate false information under your brand's name. These are not mere inconveniences. They're potential catastrophes, especially for small businesses. With our vigilant monitoring and timely backups, we help shield you from these silent threats, ensuring your business remains unblemished and your website untainted as best we can.

Website Maintenance: More Value, No Extra Cost

We don’t just stop at making WordPress website backups and fighting off viruses! As part of our commitment to providing holistic support, our WordPress support plans cover a range of website updates. Whether it’s adding new photos, tweaking configurations, or integrating fresh content, you can count on us. With our services, you don't have to worry about incurring extra charges for these essential updates. We're here to ensure your website remains vibrant and current, all within the framework of our comprehensive care plan.

Services We Provide

Don't let technical glitches, outdated themes, or security threats be the roadblock to your website's success. Come to us for a seamless, secure, and optimized online presence.

  • Fix WordPress Hacks: Common hacks on WordPress websites? We've got the antidote.
  • WordPress Maintenance: Seamless maintenance and updates to your content, design, and programming. A hassle-free WordPress experience awaits.
  • WordPress Updates: Stay ahead with the latest WordPress versions. We handle the updates, so you don't have to. WordPress regularly releases updates to enhance security and functionality. However, these updates can sometimes disrupt the harmony of your site's components. Uniseo WordPress support services manage these updates for you, ensuring each update is compatible with your site's setup and making necessary adjustments if something gets messed up.
  • Fix Broken WordPress Themes: Themes control the look and feel of your site. When themes get outdated or conflict with newer WordPress versions, your site's design can break. Our support services can fix these breaks, update the themes, or recommend and install more current, compatible themes to keep your website looking fresh and professional.
  • Fix WordPress Plugins: Plugins add functionalities to your website, but they can sometimes conflict with other plugins or the WordPress core. As plugins update, glitches can occur. We fix them before they disrupt your site. Our support team can diagnose these issues, update outdated plugins, or replace them with more compatible alternatives to ensure your website functionalities remain intact.
  • Security Monitoring: We vigilantly monitor your site to avoid unauthorized breaches. Good support services don't just react, they proactively monitor and that's what we do! If a component breaks or becomes vulnerable, we do our best to reduce potential downtime or security risks.
  • Website Speed Optimization: Enhance user experience and boost SEO with our website performance optimization, making your site faseter than ever.
  • Website Backups: With rising security threats, backups aren't a luxury but a necessity. Safeguard your website and business with our backup solutions.
  • General Maintenance: Over time, databases can become cluttered, unnecessary files can accumulate, and website performance can lag. Our support services can perform regular clean-ups, optimizing your website's performance and ensuring a smoother user experience.
  • Custom Websites: Bored with the old? Yearning for a fresh digital appeal? We revamp websites all the time! Give your website the facelift it needs and better represent your business online.

Comprehensive Website & SEO Support

We help to ensure that every aspect of your site, from its security to its performance, is at its peak, 24/7. Trust in our team of dedicated WordPress specialists to be at your service. Whether you're facing challenges big or small, our WordPress and website business solutions have you covered. Should you find yourself grappling with a misaligned header image or a troublesome WordPress plugin, our expertise ensures quality resolutions. We also excel in seamless backend management, efficiently tackling administrative tasks such as database operations and redirect setups. This ensures you can zero in on what truly matters, your business.

We provide the best WordPress maintenance and support in Canada (and rank among the top in the US too!). What's our secret? With a legacy rooted since 1997 in delivering exceptional website solutions, we've honed our expertise on the intricacies of website upkeep and user expectations. Not to mention that we began working with WordPress in 2005! Our custom-tailored WordPress maintenance plans resonate perfectly with small businesses (SMB/SME), yet they've earned accolades from some of the largest corporations who trusted us to ensure their sites run smoothly. Our satisfied clientele spans cities like Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver in Canada, and extends to U.S. hubs like New York, Boston, Denver, San Diego, Miami, Burlington, and many more. We've even catered to clients in The Bahamas and as far-flung as New Zealand! Our services cater to a diverse spectrum: from local entrepreneurs (our speciality!) to global corporations, covering sectors from cosmetic surgeons to travel, tourism, and beyond.

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