SEO Maintenance Plans

Are you losing ground to competitors? Is your website lacking leads? In today's ever-evolving website landscape, securing a strong SEO foothold isn't just a set-it-and-forget-it effort. It's an ongoing commitment to a process of adjustments to get increasingly better results. As search engine algorithms continuously change and industry trends shift, it's essential to regularly fine-tune your strategies to stay ahead. Without consistent attention to SEO, even a well-optimized site can lose its standing. Our dedicated approach ensures your online presence remains robust, relevant, and at the forefront of your industry. At Uniseo, we recognize the importance of consistent SEO efforts and have crafted tailored SEO maintenance plans to ensure your business continues to shine brightly on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Why invest in SEO maintenance?

Search algorithms are constantly evolving, competitors are optimizing their sites, and it's up to you (with our help!) to stay on top of things. An SEO maintenance plan ensures that your website not only retains its current position but is primed for further growth.

What do you get with our SEO packages?

We have a unique approach to SEO maintenance. We work on different aspects of the site over a period of 6-12 months so that by the end of that time period, your website is left better than before we began. After that initial period, we continue to work on different aspects of SEO. Our unique blend consists of the following points:

  • Regular SEO Audits: We routinely check your website to identify and address any SEO issues, ensuring it remains compliant with the latest search engine guidelines
    Content Updates: Fresh, relevant content is a key player in SEO. We’ll help update your blogs, articles, and other web content to keep it current and engaging.
  • Local SEO: We look into local details of your website and business presence. Items like Google reviews, appearance on the Google map, and so on, are assessed.
  • Backlink Monitoring & Building: The quality and quantity of links pointing to your site can dramatically affect your SEO. We monitor your backlink profile and actively pursue opportunities to gain more high-quality links
  • Keyword Research & Optimization: As trends shift, so do popular keywords. We keep your content optimized with what are determined to be high-performing keywords relevant to your industry.
  • Technical SEO Checks: From site speed to mobile optimization, we ensure that the technical aspects of your site meet current best practices
  • Competitor Analysis: Stay one step ahead of your competition. We monitor competitor strategies and adjust our approach so you can get the edge

Benefits of Our SEO Maintenance Plans

  • Stay Updated: With us by your side, your website will always align with the latest SEO guidelines
  • Cost-effective: Organic or "natural" rankings in search engines can save you money because you aren't bidding on keywords to advertise in Google
  • Time-Saving: Leave the intricacies of SEO to us, freeing you to focus on your day-to-day business
  • Peace of Mind: With a dedicated team overseeing your website's SEO, you can rest assured that your online presence is in good hands

While there is never a guarantee on the final results, our clients are beyond satisfied with the work we've done for them over the past two decades!

Ready to ensure your website stays at the top of its game?

We work businesses across Canada (e.g. Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, etc.), the US (e.g., Boston, New York, Burlington, etc.), The Bahamas, the Caribbean, and other locations around the world. Reach out to our team today and let's discuss how our SEO maintenance plans can provide lasting value to your business!