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Did You Get The Cold Shoulder?

It’s astounding how many companies don’t know the first thing about SEO yet manipulate well-intentioned businesses into paying outrageous prices for their limited services. If you’re getting the cold shoulder when you ask questions, you should get a second opinion.

Run, Don’t Walk, Away from SEO Companies Who…

  • Try to sell you SEO packages by the keyword. That is one of the biggest cons in SEO history. It demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of your needs. Real SEO is a lot more than a keyword term.
  • Try to sell you a link package with "1000's of links." It's a fact that doing so may result in your entire website being banned from Google. Further, these companies do not care about you, your business, or your future. They care about taking your money. That's it.
  • Refuse to explain what they did, what you paid for, and how to track results.
  • and are both very important. If the company insists that having a high ranking on is the only thing that matters, you're being conned.
  • During a sales call, they try to dazzle you with lots of high numbers that mean nothing to you but sound impressive (like "we'll buy 1,000 links for you", "according to Google, 10,000 people searched for your keyword term last month", "you'll get thousands of hits right away").
  • During the sales call they tell you exactly what you want to hear: "You will easily make tons of money".
  • Insist on building a few landing pages for thousands of dollars, irrespective of the many other issues that might be wrong with your site (such as an old, dated web design, a difficult to use navigation menu, and so on).
  • Give you wishy-washy information so you never really understand the basics of the science or art of SEO. If they are trying to bamboozle you, it's likely because they don't know what they're talking about or they are trying to cover up the fact that they've mislead you.

Those businesses are not really SEO companies. They may look and sound like SEO companies, but they aren't. In fact, they are scammers who could care less about you. We're telling you this because we're "one of the good guys" and we look out for our clients' best interests. We look at the full, long-term picture.

We’re Sorry But…

We’re sorry if you’ve been tricked into paying for services that you don’t need. We’re embarrassed by many companies in our industry and we’re proud to rise above as a company with integrity. We will not tell you you’re going to make millions overnight or dazzle you with lies just to make the sale.

Uniseo was one of the first SEO companies in existence and we’ve stood the test of time through know-how, experience, and integrity. Our clients stay with us and refer us to their friends and business associates because we know what we’re doing and we don’t lie just to close a deal. We will only take you on as a client if we feel we can increase leads and sales for you. That’s a quality extremely few companies can claim. We train the SEO trainers. What more could you want in an SEO company?

What Do You Get?

Our second opinon services include:

Basic Package

  • A report that covers on-site and off-site SEO
  • A one-hour consultation

Premium Package

Contact us to discuss your needs.

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