In-House SEO Training

Medium and large-sized corporations have different needs than small business. We recognize that fact and offer customized in-house SEO training for web development teams. From branding and sales to reputation management, our customized training services can help your company.

(If you run a small business, please look into our small business SEO training andprofessional consulting services).

Will Your Company Benefit?

If your company fits into any of the following, it can benefit from our professional in-house SEO training.

  • Companies with a recognized brand
  • E-commerce plays a significant role in sales (or you want it to)
  • International companies that have multiple websites for each office location
  • You need to re-align your web strategy to be sure all relevant employees are up to speed
  • Various departments in your company have a hand on the site
  • Your website is dated and tired and needs refeshing (be sure to hire us before you begin any revamp of the site)
  • Your company wants branding exposure online (e.g., get people to visit your website as the hub or “headquarters” for a given product)
  • Your company would like to drive traffic to specific sections of its website

Company decision makers look good after hiring us! Contact us to find out what you need to know what Uniseo can do for you!

Who Should Attend?

After having trained dozens of in-house personnel at many companies, we suggest that the best staff members to attend in-house training workshops are:

  • Web designers
  • Web programmers
  • Internet marketing staff
  • Usability specialists
  • Web project managers
  • Website copywriters
  • Analytics department members
  • Your in-house pay-per-click management team (to a lesser extent for SEO-only training)
  • Relevant ad agency members

Effective Solutions to Complex Problems

It’s no secret that there is a shortage of experienced SEO professionals. Uniseo offers a very strong combination of the three key factors you want in an SEO training expert. These include:

(1) SEO Experience

We are one of the longest-running SEO training companies in existence. Who trains the SEO trainers? We do! Your corporate team will learn our in-house workshop/academic-style program. We take the nebulous world of SEO and give it a logical order so your team can learn what they need to know.

(2) Teaching Experience

All training will be done by Brian Rotsztein, who formerly taught his own classes to high acclaim at major universities.

(3) Open Communication

By open communication, we mean that our own in-house optimization methods are provided through the session. We do not hold back and questions are very strongly encouraged. Most web development and Internet marketing companies do not offer training due to a lack of knowledge or fear of giving away their “secrets.” We have an open attitude and with years of experience, you can’t go wrong if you apply the techniques properly.

How It Works

We have streamlined the process to make it easy for your enterprise.

(1) Initial Consultation

Contact us to find out how we can help your company succeed. We will discuss your needs and customize the workshop.

(2) In-house SEO Training Workshop

Our SEO trainer will come to your location and train your staff.

(3) Follow-up Consulting

After the initial in-house training session, a follow-up consultation is included. If additional training or hands-on assistance is required, we can move forward with more changes.

On-site SEO Training Topics

No matter where you are located, we offer on-site in-house SEO training. These SEO training seminars can run anywhere from 1 to 5 days, depending on the topics being covered and the depth you request. (Two days is ideal and typical of many of our clients).

Topics can be chosen “a la carte” from an extensive list, including anything from:

  • On-site SEO (keyword choices, HTML tagging, copywriting, structural issues, how to avoid getting penalized, and so on)
  • Off-site SEO (link building)
  • Pay Per Click & Social Media Optimization (these are not SEO but companies occasionally ask for at least an intro to these topics)

Bringing everyone on your web team together for the session will give everyone an equal footing in understanding what can and cannot be done.

Coordinating Your Success

The bottom line is that larger companies like yours typically have many people involved from the creatives down to implementation. In cases where companies rely on B2C markets and branding, issues of coordination between online and offline approaches must be factored in. On-site SEO training can help bridge the gap in your teams knowledge.

We have provided SEO training to hundreds of individuals and can teach your corporate team on hot to get more out of your website.

On-site SEO training is an extension of our very popular search engine optimization trainingservices but the advantage of having an experienced specialist come in and provide the answers on demand has proven invaluable for many companies.

Contact us for more information or to get started.