SEO Backlink Services: Strategic Linking

Getting backlinks for SEO is one of the most important and powerful aspects of an optimized website. While most companies focus on link popularity alone, our extensive experience with linking has lead us to divide strategic linking into 3 categories. These include link popularity, internal linking, and external linking. These are described below. Just like the optimization of a website's structure, content and other on-page factors, strategic linking, especially finding and obtaining high quality backlinks is a labour intensive activity. It requires an extensive amount of patience and diligence to get it done.

Inbound Links Are the Key! (Links Pointing into the Website)

Inbound links, or links from other websites directed into yours, are pivotal for off-site SEO. They serve as a testament to your site's relevance and authority. When building backlinks, we identify suitable websites to link back to yours. Harnessing these inbound links can significantly enhance your site's search engine ranking. While there are numerous strategies to acquire these links, such as content marketing, engaging with relevant blogs, and listing in directories, the quality of these backlinks matters most.

Think of it as a popularity game. That is, the more esteemed sites that reference yours, the higher your site's reputation soars. But here's the challenge: how do you discern quality links from mere noise? Our unique and hands-on approach ensures we focus on sourcing high-caliber links, steering clear of automated software that often falls short. Real, strategic efforts beat automated tactics every time.

Ready for our backlink-building strategy? Let us craft a tailored plan for you. Please contact us to learn more about our link building approaches. If you're a web freelancer (e.g., web designer, web developer, etc.), we can teach you to make educated and informed choices through our search engine optimization consulting or search engine optimization training.

Internal Links (Strategic Linking Within the Site)

Linking within a site is an often over-looked yet very important part of strategic linking. This is especially true for larger websites. Have you noticed that when you search for a particular website, the homepage frequently comes up first? One reason for this has to do with internal linking. Internal linking involves the links across pages within the website itself. There are a number of ways to harness that aspect of the optimization process and bring more power to the website.

Outbound Links (Links Pointing Out of the Website)

Search engines often evaluate the external sites your website connects to. Outbound linking plays a crucial role for multiple reasons. Firstly, it can influence your Google rankings. Additionally, when your website links to others with related content, it signals search engines about your site's specific theme, potentially boosting your rank. However, it's not always ideal to link to numerous external sites, and we're here to guide you through the intricate strategies surrounding external linking.

Lastly, it's vital to ensure that your site doesn't link to content deemed inappropriate, such as adult-themed sites. Doing so might push your website lower in search results. While this is an extreme scenario, it has become more relevant as search engines refine their algorithms. For instance, Google might show "adult websites" in results, but they're often relegated to the very bottom, prioritizing more recognized sites.

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