Multilingual SEO

As online marketing becomes more competitive, many companies are realizing that working in multiple languages may be an asset. Multilingual search engine optimization can be complex.


Our staff members are among the most experienced bilingual and multilingual SEO teams in the world. Whether you have a small business or a company with international offices, we can help you.


Some of the services in this specialization include the following:

  • You want to know how to divide your website into sections (this is much more complicated than you might think but don’t worry, we have the answers)
  • Your website requires translation services
  • You need to build a website in English and at least one other language
  • You need a full keyword analysis in more than one language
  • You need bilingual or multilingual link building services

If any of the above sounds family, we’re the company you want.

While this is a service that’s primarily targeted for the French-English business community in Montreal, Quebec, and Canada, we also offer Spanish SEO services.

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