We train people internationally! Here are just a few of the kind words our students have been saying.

I was asked to write a testimonial and I'm happy to do so. I took the course on SEO at first. I walked away with practical ideas on how to find keywords, put them into my website, write text that people wanted to read, and so on. I began using the tips that evening and now, a few weeks later, I am seeing my rankings move up and traffic increasing. Brian said it could take 6 months but I'm thrilled to see it had an effect sooner than later. I then took the WordPress beginner course. This was a guide on how to use WordPress and get the best plugins. Again, this was great. Tom's enthusiam and knowledge really helped me understand the important points. I believe that anyone taking any of their courses would benefit and definitely recommend them.Ariel S. (Montreal)
I took the WordPress for beginners course and a custom personalized course on how to promote my website and health program. Both were well worth the time and money invested. Thank you.Elana Javier (Montreal)

My experience with Uniseo has been very positive. Brian is extremely knowledgeable about the search engine optimization process, and very professional. I used Brian for a series of consultations for tech industry websites, focusing especially on wireless networking, VoIP and related communications topics. Brian researched keywords, wrote meta-tags and presented his work on time and on budget.

Brian also provided a series of thorough SEO training consultations, which I found extremely helpful. He clearly and effectively explained a broad range of topics relevant to the SEO process, including Keyword research, structural improvements to a website’s design, and link development, to name just a few. Brian encouraged questions and answered them quickly and successfully.

I enjoyed working with Brian and I would use Uniseo again for future search engine optimization projects.

S. Liberace , Web Consultant (Massachusetts)
Thank you for the great WordPress classes (Beginner and Intermediate). I thought I knew a lot more before coming but this really showed me what I can do.Jeremy T., Freelancer (Montreal)
I wanted to thank you for the search engine opimization workshop. Brian's way of explaining the topic finally helped me understand how it works and what I need to do for my company. At the first meeting after the workshop, I explained to my boss that we had to actually have a direction with keywords to look into. It's a lot of work but we have something we're working on. Thank you again. Steven H. , IT Company (Montreal)
Thanks for your studied direction and perspective. You quickly cut a clear path for me through what was a fuzzy SEO jungle. Your dedication to and comprehension of every SEO intricacy is reassuring.S. Arky , Marketing Consultant (Massachusetts)
Tom is the most dynamic teacher I've ever had! He was amazing and I can't say enough about how much I learned in the Social Media for Business workshop. He made analogies about how selling on Facebook has to be treated like people pushing things on you that you don't want at the wrong time. He brought in ideas that helped me understand the subtleties of doing business in social media. Even the food was great! Just excellent all around. Highly recommended!Erica H. (Montreal)
Your training was very helpful and you answered my questions with a lot of details.L. T. , Travel Writer (Ontario)
I've taken 2 courses with Uniseo training so far which were Social Media for Business and intro to SEO. Both were interesting and helpful. I have since started using Twitter to some extent and added the SEO ideas I learned to my site. I enjoyed the workshops and learned a lot. D. Antonio , Small Business Owner (Montreal)

The world of SEO is wild, unguided and ever-changing. If your organization recognizes the importance of positioning your business and its online presence properly in search engines, then you need the help and guidance of a knowledgeable, proven and learned SEO expert. Brian is the man for this role. Over the past 6 months through his leadership, SEO has become an exciting revenue stream for my consultancy business and I'm confident that with personal experience it will mature into a primary revenue stream of mine.

Brian has been there to patiently explain every concern I've had (I have tons all the time) and it's solely his passion, excitement and understanding of SEO that I've taken the organic approach to Search Engine Marketing seriously, as not only an effective marketing tool but a lucrative business venture. Thanks Brian, All the Best!

A. J. Hall , Internet Marketing Professional (Toronto, Ontario)
A word about Brian. He's been doing this since 1997 and it shows. He knew so much that my brain was ready to explode by the end of the day. If you take an SEO workshop, this is the guy you want. He's the best SEO guru out there! Fran Tremblay (Montreal)