SEO Expert Witness

If your law firm has a client with an Internet-related issue, we can help you. We've consulted with attorneys and can provide deposition services for court cases. You may just need a report, and we can provide that as well.

Why Bring Us In?

Here's why we're ideal to help your case:

  • Our SEO expert witness formerly taught at major Universities and has a background in research meaning that he'll read through your case, critique the information, offer multiple perspectives and scenarios, write reports, and provide a deposition if needed.
  • As one of the first search engine optimization experts, he has the know-how to help your case.
  • Our side has never lost a case. (Yes, we've been hired in an expert witness capacity before!)


When attorneys and businesses contact us, they often need professional advice on topics such as general and specific search engine optimization techniques and rankings, trademarks, domain names, intellectual property, directory issues (such as Yellow Pages disputes), search engine marketing, pay per click services, and so on.

General Advice

We can provide Internet-related advice as it pertains to legal issues on a regular basis. Businesses hire us to consult with them about potential legal entanglements that may arise from their actions. While we certainly do not pass ourselves off as lawyers, we're well-read and experienced, and can point out what may result in a legal issue for our clients. We provide general guidance but recommend lawyers for official advice. Please contact us to find out more about these services.