Why Choose Uniseo

Uniseo is an award-winning Montreal-based Internet marketing company offering the highest quality search engine advice, consulting and related services. While it is true that anyone can learn to optimize and promote their website, it takes time and true creativity to perform exceptionally.

Just as you can paint your own house or leave to the task to a professional painter, you can optimize your own site (or have your current webmaster try to) or hire an experienced company such as Uniseo. Every website requires a tailor-implemented approach to their overall Internet marketing plans and we proudly offer our services customized to your needs.

Uniseo was one of the first companies in the world to be founded on the concept of search engine optimization alone. Over the years, we have expanded our areas of expertise to include a variety of Internet marketing strategies. Collectively, our clients have the opportunity to generate millions in revenue thanks to our valuable services.

10 Reasons Why You Need Our Team Working For You

1. Industry Experience

We have been building websites since 1997 and have a deep understanding of the Internet. Our extensive experiences and knowledge of the Internet has lead us to be among the upper most creative SEO companies in the world. We look at a website as though it were a canvas on which to paint. We make sure the site is modified in ways that search engines such as Google love and are attracted to. We provide exceptional value by letting you tap into our years of experience. We keep up-to-date with the quickly evolving Internet and provide the answers you want and need on the spot. We educate our clients through consultations which gives them the opportunity to make informed decisions about their Internet presence.

2. Exceptional Creativity

Our clients repeatedly remind us how they are impressed with our constant generation of new ideas to help their businesses succeed – a fact we are proud of and work hard to maintain. Moreover, we understand how people use websites, not just why. This psychological perspective and human understanding is important when it comes to web design, optimization, and marketing.

3. An SEO Award-winning Company

We won the prestigious Top 10 SEO Company Award from Promotion World! In order to win, their independent committee (you cannot enter to win) announced that we had top services, package diversity, value, customer service, feedback and website popularity. This further demonstrates our value to you. We work with our clients to get the most out of their Internet marketing strategies.

4. Long-term Business Relationships

We establish long term business relationships with the companies, individuals, and other organizations with which we work. Our clients come back to us because we go that extra mile for them on a continuous basis.

5. Results

We are frequently contacted by business owners who have a website with few visitors or with an established base of traffic but want more (we always want more, right?!). Whether we are hired to build an attractive website (we have tons of beatiful samples to show you), implement our search engine optimization strategies, pay per click advertising campaigns, or other service, we do our best to get a great ROI (return on investment). Through our different online marketing and positioning strategies, we achieve the results that our clients are looking for.

6. Superior Customer Service

Our clients come first. We are open to client suggestions and work on a mutually-beneficial basis. We respect our clients’ wishes and work according to agreed-on deadlines. We are understanding of client needs and work with them accordingly. We are honest, reliable, hard-working, attentive to client needs, and take pride in a job well-done. These aspects of superior customer service are in place whether we work with private individuals, business teams, or organizations.

7. Full Service Website Solutions

While we proudly offer a range of services, including our exceptional full service over-the-phone and on-site SEO/PPC/SEM training and consulting, Internet strategy consulting, earch engine optimization, link development, search engine friendly web design and website development that sells your products and services, web content writing, social media marketing, and more.

8. Award-winning Writing

Website visitors are typically searching for useful content. Unfortunately, most webmasters and business owners are not qualified content writers (read more about it on our content editing page). We are an award-winning content writing and editing company that has written literally thousands of pages of high quality content. When working with us, you benefit from this important skill.

9. An “Everyone Profits” Attitude

We are among the best because we have worked hard to get there. To put it bluntly: Yes, we make money but so do you! We give your company the potential to make a lot more than the status quo as we work together in a collaborative fashion over the long-term. It’s not about us making money while you lose out. It’s about both of our companies working together toward growth and increased profitability.

10. Giving Something Back: Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction is a growing concern among researchers, mental health practitioners, and the general population. We give back to the community by sponsoring research in this area. Aside from financial contributions, we have lectured at major universities and companies on both Internet Addiction and the power of the Internet for educational, commercial and private uses.

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