Welcome to the Uniseo: Unique Search Engine Optimization Web Site Business Directory Homepage. (Wow, that’s a long title!!). This page serves as a guide to the directory.

Why Develop a Business Directory?

The Uniseo Business Directory is being developed for 2 main reasons.

First, we would like to provide easy access to high quality content. Many businesses do not have an affordable outlet online from which to advertise and market their products and services. Our business directory is FREE! Visit a city below to see it and then add your website to the directory!

A number of directories have sprung up over the past few years and many of them are either difficult to navigate, too broad, or just plain difficult to use because the interface draws your eyes all over the page. We have developed a business directory that has a clean appearance, making it as user-friendly as possble.

Secondly, Strategic Linking has become a crucial part of Search Engine Optimization campaigns. Google has a system called PageRank which builds up whenever a website with an appropriate link style links to your site. By developing a web directory, we are able to help these business build their PageRank which in the long run can lead to increased visitors and ultimately drive more sales.

Watch out for Web Directory Scams

There are a number of companies and techies out there who are trying to convince people that placing links on their websites will increase your sales. Many even charge for this service. The truth is that many of these are scams. They can be link farms, links created to go through to your site if you click but preventing search engine spiders from getting through. The list and reasons are many but suffice it to say that we have integrity and do not employ these non-sensical approaches in our directory.

Business Directory Cities

We are in the process of developing our directory and appreciate your patience! So far we have started with Chicago and Atlanta, and will continue on to the following cities:

US Cities: Albuquerque Atlanta Birmingham Boston Chicago Denver Las Vegas Los Angeles Miami Philadelphia Phoenix Sacramento Salt Lake San Diego San Francisco Seattle

Canadian Cities: Calgary Halifax Montreal Ottawa Toronto Vancouver Winnipeg

If you would like to submit your link to be added when we get to your city, please view the Add URL Link page.