Unique Search Engine Optimization clients are ranked across the board. Many have achieved the top position for their categories and have benefited by the increased website traffic through elevated sales. In fact, the more expensive your product, the more we can help you!

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Searching Through The Search Engines

Statistics show that the majority of web surfers are searching with Google, Yahoo, and MSN followed by the other search engines. As a business owner trying to get more visitors to your website, you must consider WHO the target audience is and how THEY think. People are not using the “has-been” search engines nearly as much as they did in the mid-to-late nineties. Google’s search algorithm is often viewed as superior to the other search systems out there which is why it is being used more frequently. This may change in the future as new technologies and companies grow. Nonetheless, it is important to optimize for Google and Yahoo. There are many differences between searches done in each of these search engines. We know these often subtle differences! Contact us for more info!

An Important Note about Keyword Competition

Our work typically involves optimizing individual pages as much as they can be optimized (while maintaining their esthetic value). Then strategic linking comes into play. Both of these involve the use of appropriate keywords. An important point to remember is that the sites listed below were optimized for what they are. Some may not be in the most competitive markets but the fact is that they were optimized for their target marktet. Similarly, many markets that you wouldn’t think are competitive can be so tough that cracking the top 10 requires significantly more creativity and know-how.

Optimization Maintenance

Some of these sites were ranked higher at some point but lost out because there was no maintenance plan in place. The Internet is a growing and evolving system. Getting webpages to rank highly is an increasingly difficult task which is why maintenance plans can help. We do not force maintenance plans on clients as many of our competitors do. We offer adjustments and modifications on an as-needed basis.

Sample Placements

The following is merely a sample of recent placements. Obviously they vary over time but this gives a good indication of some of our work. We have MANY more which are in extremely competitive markets but these can only be released through consultation and not published here. The industries in question involve business management, the entertainment industry, telecom companies, international corporations, and others. We also consult with major technology companies, higher education institutions, and so on.

We do not spam the search engines or engage in any non-sense that will get websites kicked out of them. Read our SEO Guarantee for more information. Our company is professional and ethical, offering the highest quality expertise when consulting and workingon the optimization of our clients’ websites. When you get it right, you get long-term success!

We have HUNDREDS of examples of our successes. The list below is presented to give you a taste of what we can do for you and your business.


We’re based in Canada but over the years our emphasis has been on Google.com rather than Google.ca. Now that Google has become more specific in how it ranks websites, we discuss our clients’ needs before optimizing.

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