Search Engine Optimization Workshops

We gave our first search engine optimization workshop in Montreal in 2004 and have continued to offer professional, effective training for individuals, webmasters, business owners, and corporate website development teams to this day. Our SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) workshops represent the best in the industry. From conception and strategy to implementation and results, we will teach you our in-house trade secrets.

Workshop Taught by a University Professor

You will learn to optimize and market your website through a workshop designed specifically for your needs by a university professor. Complicated information and complex concepts will be explained in easy to understand and digest parts. The unique ideas that are to be presented include all of the following and a lot more:

  • How to develop an effective SEO plan
  • The best strategies of Internet marketing to boost website traffic and sales
  • How to choose the best keywords
  • Structuring a website the way search engines want to see it
  • The fine points of making the search engines love your HTML coding
  • How to write content that is user-friendly and search engine friendly
  • How to get legitimate high power websites to link to your site
  • The best practices of an SEO professional
  • How to avoid getting kicked out of the search engines (especially Google)
  • What to do if your website gets penalized or banned
  • SEO & E-commerce (The SEO workshop trainer”wrote the book” on this topic)
  • The important points of the history of search engine development
  • Where to go to stay up to date with the latest SEO trends
  • How to approach each new website with an SEO framework in mind
  • Numerous high quality pointers full of proven methods, original ideas and practical info

Questions are encouraged and we can use your website in our examples to ensure you get the most out of the workshop.

No other search engine optimization company in the world can say that an actual university professor has set up an extensive, professional SEO workshop program such as this.

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Why Should you Attend our SEO Workshops?

These are just a few of the reasons why you’ll get more out of our SEO workshop than other seminars and conferences.

  • It’s no secret that large Internet marketing seminars (such as Search Engine Strategies – SES) are mostly a waste of time and money because no one gives away any new information
  • People at Internet marketing conferences will rarely answer your specific questions or will do so in a very general way
  • With our professional SEO training workshop, you will get direct, instant, and detailed answers to your questions
  • All SEO books are outdated as soon as they are published
  • Rather than spending countless hours reading about what can be done to your website (if you can even figure out how to apply the ideas to your website), you will get the answers on the spot
  • Forums and message boards are full of misleading, incomplete, and false commentary

What to look for in a Search Engine Workshop

Still not sure? Consider that is the most consistent SEO company, with an incrediblly high success rate. We teach you our trade secrets in our workshops. Read our 100% real testimonials, look at our client rankings, and you’ll see that we are among the top search engine marketing training companies in the world.

Related SEO Services

In addition to our SEO workshops, we provide professional one-on-one and on-site SEO training as well as search engine optimization consulting. The choice of service depends on your specific needs.

Our service is friendly, helpful, polite, and knowledge-based.

Please contact us for more information on our search engine optimization workshops. Thank you for taking an interest in our company.