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Company Information

Uniseo homepage (also known as Unique Search Engine Optimization & Unique SEO)
Why choose us? As a leading company, our question to you is: Why wouldn’t you?!
Our famous SEO guarantee Even our SEO Guarantee is at the top of the major search engines and it has been used as a template by countless companies.
Our clients Our clients are the best part of this company!
Actual client testimonials Our clients discuss their high level of satisfaction with us.
Real client website rankings Our clients rank high because we work hard to get them and keep them up there. That way, they make more money and we’re happy to help!
Company and general SEO news We have lots of news and update the world on occassion.
Want an SEO job? We hire the best so we can offer you the best SEO services.
Contact us Call us, email us, or even send dreaded snail mail!


Our professional SEO & web services This is an overview page.
Professional SEO services Information on our search engine optimization services, including SEO scams to watch out for.
Strategic linking Linking is a major issue with the search engines. Get the scoop here!
SEO website design We only design websites that are search engine friendly.
Search engine consulting Expert SEO consultants will help grow your business.
SEO writing & web content editing It’s a lot harder and skillful than you might think.
SEO training & certification We teach SEO to web designers and business owners all over the US and Canada. Learn our trade secrets and you’ll see why we are among the best.
Pay per click marketing We’ll help you market your website.
SEO website analysis reports help our clients tremendously.
Web analytics consulting services are top notch.
Internet marketing Montreal as well as for companies around the world.
Internet strategy consulting is where you start to learn about the bigger picture.
Social Media Marketing (SMM and SMO) are very hot right now.

Additional Information

SEO & web articles Articles of interest.
Frequently asked questions about SEO Get free SEO information.
Website resources Various website listings.
Web directory information Information about optimized and human edited directories, and on the customized directories for AtlantaChicago, among others.
Make money online This is for smart people! LOL!

Other Areas of Interest

Chicago Illinois business directory Listings Various companies and information.
Atlanta Georgia business directory listings Info for Atlanta and Georgia.
Search engine friendly shopping cart reviews That says it all!
Search engine consulting More on the expert SEO consulting we offer.
Calgary SEO We help businesses in the booming province of Alberta.
Montreal SEO Training The original training company.
Montreal SEM Search engine marketing.
Montreal SEO Company One of the first ones.
Search Engine Workshops Hire the best!

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