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SEO for Local Businesses

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Course Description

This is an intensive workshop and seminar-style course in local search engine optimization (local SEO). It is designed to teach attendees to leverage the power of search engines for businesses on a local or regional bases. In particular, it will emphasize how local businesses with one to a hundred locations can make the best use of Google and other search engines. This is an ideal course to take after you have completed the beginner-level SEO course.

Who Should Attend

This course can benefit:

  • SMB/Small business owners who are relatively hands-on with their websites
  • Businesses that need to focus on localized branches (e.g., Montreal, Laval, Mont Tremblant, etc.)
  • Marketers interested in the basics of local SEO and what’s involved in the local optimization process
  • Web designers who want to offer optimization and marketing as a service to their clients
  • Web developers/programmers who need to learn about localization
  • Local businesses looking to increase traffic without outsourcing their web work
  • Companies looking for new ideas on how to market their website, brand, products and services online

Some brands we’ve taught:

Thanks for your studied direction and perspective. You quickly cut a clear path for me through what was a fuzzy SEO jungle. Your dedication to and comprehension of every SEO intricacy is reassuring.S. Arky, Marketing Consultant (Massachusetts)


This course provides attendees with a lot of useful information. This course will help you:

  • Improve your website’s rankings in search engines on a local basis
  • Use your location to beat your local competitors and increase business
  • Enhance your website’s performance in a specific geographic area
  • Implement important best practice local SEO techniques
  • Figure out who your local online competitors are and use that information to your advantage
  • Better understand why local links are important
  • Get more positive online reviews
  • Get people talking about your business online
  • Obtain high quality links from other websites
  • Obtain high quality local or regional links from other websites



Understanding Local SEO & Techniques

  • Why location is important
  • How local SEO fits into Internet marketing
  • The NAP
  • The importance of citations
  • How to get more citations
  • Local content marketing for publicity and SEO
  • How to get more reviews
  • Local landing page factors
  • Writing localized text
  • Local SEO and videos
  • Local SEO and photography
  • How to do a local keyword analysis
  • On-site local SEO best practices

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